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About us


Dr. Ying Lu, founder


Dr. Lu obtained her B.S, M.S. and Ph.D in Chemistry. During her years in research and study in chemistry, she cultivated deep understanding how toxins and certain chemicals will damage your skin and potentially pose a hazard to your health in a long run. She was inspired to create a natrual skincare brand which serves to improve people's well-being and health after she has seen her two daughters suffering from eczema and various skin problems. Having her babies taking anti-histamine and steroids on a daily basis was painful and encouraged her to formulate skincare that utilizes natural ingredients like coconut oil, soybean oil, almond oil, apricot oil, vitamin E oil and other herbal extracts. 


Some astonishing facts she wants to share about the skincare in many generic brands: 

  • They contain 20-30% chemicals and many of these chemicals will potentially irritate the skin and cause allergies. These chemicals include polymers that will improve the feel after you apply it on your skin, synthetic chemicals that will "bleach" your skin and have a short-term (days or weeks) brightening and softening effect will later deteriorate and age your skin. 

  • Cosmetics companies use these synthetic chemicals because they are much cheaper than utilizing natural ingredients. 


The ingredients we use

Our ingredient choices are key to the products' efficacy. Our ingredients are purely plant and nut based oil which promote the skin cells regeneration without changing the chemical property of your skin and the results are safe and effective. All of our fragrant components to the skincare products are purely distilled/extracted oil from herbs and plants rather than the chemically modified synthetic fragrance utilized in most of the commercialized skin care products on the market. 

We choose our ingredients to accomplish the harmony of the Chi(spirit) of your body.


The ingredients we don’t use

GMOs, chemical fragrances or colors, hazardous preservatives, nano particles, impure petroleum/coal tar or formaldehyde based ingredients, oleo-chemicals, cosmeceuticals, bioceuticals, peptides, esters or botanical isolates. 


Where we get our ingredients

We have reputable organic farm suppliers and organic herbal supplier that supply us the food grade nut / plant natural oils and butters. They are USDA certified suppliers who have been in the business more than 20 years.


The shelf life of the products

We do not use, phenoxyethanol, grapefruit/citrus seed extracts, synthetic alcohols, honeysuckle, formaldehyde donors or other toxic chemical preservatives.

Our product shelf life is 6 to 10 months and the products do not need to be refrigerated but they should be treated with common care. Keep them from high heat, direct sunlight or any compromising conditions.


The myth of the natural oil

No sythetic fragrance in our products brings the natural herbal mysterious healing power to our product. Real plant oils are hard to find in commercial skin care due to its cost. Most of the plant oils used are heavily processed and checmially modified. These are the oils utilized by the commercialized formulation scientist due to its immediate feel when it is applied on the skin and its modest cost.

We create every single product with a true formulation story.

Authentic plant oils, with their rich hydration and harmonizing power balance all skin types, provide relief to various skin conditions, firm and fortify aging skin due to the awakening power it has to the skin cells.  They contain naturally extracted antioxidants, vitamins, carotenoids, tocopherols, linolenic and linoleic acid and certainly the powerful and valuable plant lignans and sterols. 


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